ECU Tuning Advance Workshop



ECU Tuning Advance is a platform to learn engine calibration for Automotive needs, Motorsports & Student competitions such as Formula Student, SUPRA, ISIE, Formula Bharath etc. It is also an opportunity to meet auto enthusiasts and a gathering of motorsports fanatics! Acquiring skills and experience at this workshop will gear up your confidence to work on real time vehicles, so that you can tap into earning from tunes or stop outsourcing the tunings. We will hand held you to understand bits and pieces of tuning and will help you with the community of tuners for your support.


Training will be an exclusive opportunity to comprehend engine dynamics and engineering at system and subsystem level, utilizing the advantage correct air flow, fuel and spark, building a standalone ECU in bottom up approach, testing your maps on real time vehicle with Dyno and performing calibrations to arrive at best maps. No other place in the country can give you this exposure and hands on learning to expertise.


Why you should attend ECU tuning workshop?


  • To learn what is not available at books and Youtube, and what only taught with experience
  • To understand the dyno testing
  • To remaps vehicles, test them on our dyno and deliver the best quality work
  • Get to practice the right tuning approach
  • To know right tools and platform for modification
  • To meet and take support from experienced tuners
  • To start career in tuning


Who can attend?


  • Formula Supra/Formula Bharath teams
  • Auto Enthusiasts
  • Students
  • Working professional from automotive servicing, engine calibration, testing & development



ECU Tuning Intermediate program starts at 5000+GST and it is now available at Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Indore & Kolkata.   Check out here :


5 Days

Start Date

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Sirius MotorSports - Chennai

Engine Control


Starts from 17500

Competences Factory

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+91 74110 19255


Available @ minimal cost

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