ECU Tuning Intermediate Workshop



This workshop will help you to gain the fundamentals necessary to start ECU tuning! Such as injection systems, air-fuel-spark delivery modules and control, touch base on tools used for tuning and technology challenges. At the end of course you will have the clear idea on what it will take to start tuning and you will be handy with basics to gear up for starting advanced course. 


Summary of the workshop


  • Overview of EFI and Control System
  • Engine Basics

           4 Stroke Cycle

           Valve Timing Diagram

           Valve Overlaps

           VE Concepts

           Wave Tuning – Inlet & Exhaust

  • Fuel & Spark Theory
  • Fuel & Ignition Maps and ECU Control Concept
  • Correction Factors, Temperature and Altitude Compensation
  • Driving Cycle with AFR & Spark Requirements
  • Stand Alone ECU Tuning
  • Road Test & Corrections
  • Case Studies of Duke 390, Street car and Turbo
  • Advanced Tuning Concepts
  • Dyno Tuning Basics/ Testing


Why you should attend ECU tuning workshop?


  • To learn what is not available at books and Youtube, and what only taught with experience
  • To understand the dyno testing
  • To remaps vehicles, test them on our dyno and deliver the best quality work
  • Get to practice the right tuning approach
  • To know right tools and platform for modification
  • To meet and take support from experienced tuners
  • To start career in tuning


Who can attend?


  • Auto Enthusiasts
  • Graduates,Undergraduatesand Individuals
  • Working professional from automotive servicing, engine calibration, testing and development


2 Days

Start Date

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Tuning Basics


Starts @ 6000

CF Certificate

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Limited 20

+91 88846 11000


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