Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Electric mobility has become an essential part of the energy transition, and will imply significant changes for vehicle manufacturers, governments, companies and individuals.


Adoption of new technologies in Electric Vehicles will demand for engineers with multidisciplinary skills and domain expertise or the new set of software and hardware tools. New standards for testing and development has been implemented, approach of charging has been the dearth and there has been drastic tech growth in battery technology. May be our college curriculums are not yet updated for this change or you may not have industry experts available at your institution for showing the better career opportunities in EV segment.


Want to be the part of the next big thing in the mobility? And you want to explore the career opportunity in EV’s? This workshop will help you to kick-start of your learning and career.



EV training module


History, basics & current state of art


Introduction to EV subsystems

Traction motors

Traction inverters

Vehicle control unit

Traction battery pack

Battery pack management

On-board & off board charging

EV wiring harness


Motors & Drive-trains

Available motor technology to suit EV traction needs

Market analogy on traction motors used

Key characteristics & selection parameters for traction needs

Industry approaches & traction motor lifecycle

Practical & hands on learning session


Traction inverters

Need of traction inverters

Control approach for various traction motors

Key characteristics & selection parameters for traction needs

Sneak into the traction inverters available in market

Industry approaches & traction motor lifecycle

Practical & hands on learning session


Traction batteries

Cell chemistries & chosen application

Understanding parameters from battery specification sheet

Energy calculations

Approach to build pack & modules

Practical & hands on learning session


Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Need for BMS & architectures

Parameters to control & their criticalities

Understanding the BMS hardware

Understanding the BMS software

Steps to begin with Open-source BMS platform

Overview of BMS testing


On-board & off-board charger

Vehicle control unit

Overview of standards - ARAI AIS123 (EV/HEV retro fitment), ISO 26262 & ASIL

3 Days

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