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     Motorsport ECU Building workshop is a 50-hour project-based, hands on ECU building and tuning course intended to cater to teams & individuals who are enthusiastic to build standalone ECU on their own for 2W & 4W motorsport applications. Training will cover from fundamentals of engine electronics, electricals, dynamics of engine system and subsystems, utilizing the advantage correct air flow, fuel and spark, building a standalone ECU in bottom up approach, testing your maps on real time vehicle/engine and performing calibrations to arrive at best maps.


Workshop is limited to 10 participants.



Summary of the workshop


  • Engine systems considerations for ECU development
  • Sensors & actuators
  • Signals and measuring approach
  • Types of ECU’s and needs
  • ECU maps & approach to develop the Maps (Ex: VE, Fuel, Ignition maps & compensations)
  • Strategies for control
  • Practice on developing maps
  • Developing maps for specific case studies
  • Compiling & Installing ECU software
  • Tuner studio and setting up the project
  • Communication & control ports
  • Configuring inputs (Ex: Missing tooth, TPS, MAP, IAT, ECT etc)
  • Engine constants
  • Injector characteristics
  • Trigger setup
  • Correction factor set up
  • Closed control strategy
  • Live engine run & Calibrations



Why you should attend ECU tuning workshop?


  • To learn what is not available at books and Youtube, and what only taught with experience
  • To understand the dyno testing
  • To remaps vehicles, test them on our dyno and deliver the best quality work
  • Get to practice the right tuning approach
  • To know right tools and platform for modification
  • To meet and take support from experienced tuners
  • To start career in tuning



Who can attend?


  • Student competition teams such as Formula Supra/Bharat/FSAE
  • Valid college ID is mandatory


7 Days

Start Date

End Date

Competences Factory, Bengaluru

Engine Tuning


Starts from 12500

CF Certification

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+91 74110 19255


Available @ minimal cost

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