Aftermarket Turbo/Super Charging - System Design & Tuning Workshop


Aftermarket Turbo/Super Charging - System Design & Tuning Principles


As an auto-enthusiast/petrol-head/power-train engineer, we wonder to extract the best Horse-Power from engine. Count it over the ECU mods to performance parts. But, forced induction is a daddy for all! There is so much we can tweak the machine to deliver its best, may be well over 100% of stock curves. Installing a turbo/super charger will involve deep knowledge on engine characteristics, induction systems, overall engine control parameters and skillful installations job.


There are very few auto-practitioners who knows the real engineering behind aftermarket forced induction systems. In collaborations with best turbo/super charger expert at Sirius Motorsports, Competency Factory brings you this opportunity to learn and understand the system engineering to fit aftermarket forced induction systems.



Engine Basics


  • VE Concepts
  • VE Improvements – Forced Induction vs Other Methods
  • Structural Constraints – Engine Internals


Forced Induction Systems


  • Introduction
  • Turbocharger vs Supercharger Systems
  • System Over-view


Turbocharger System


  • Turbo Selection Criteria
  • Intercooler Sizing Calculations
  • Plumbing Considerations
  • Blow Off Valve vs Divertor Valve
  • Internal Wastegate vs External Wastegate


Variable Boost Turbocharged Systems


  • System Design
  • Manual Boost Control vs Electronic Boost Control
  • EBC Applications – Boost by Gear, Traction Control


Charge & Oil Cooling


  • Water – Meth Injection
  • Oil Cooling – External Oil Coolers
  • Engine Bay Heat Extraction & Isolation
  • Spark Plug – Heat Ranges


Engine Management System


  • Basics
  • Considerations for boost – fuelling and ignition
  • Tuning vs Exhaust Gas Velocities
  • Anti-Lag System
  • E.      Knock Based Corrections


OEM Turbocharged Systems


  • Differences between Aftermarket & OEM Systems
  • OEM Control Strategy
  • Bosch ME 7.5 ECU – Control System


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