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Come across KTM, you will likely to find a slogan “Ready to Race”! Few of the recognizable motor racers have taken the podiums on KTM’s to make their dream come true. So? we anticipate that you are likely to be one among the KTM power-train users for Formula Supra/Formula Bharath racing, but what exactly is needed to extract more HP than the stock version? How can we calibrate to satisfy rule book? What does it take to keep us fasted on track?


“KTM Engine Tuning Workshop” is a motorsports focused training, you get to understand the engine performance maps, behavior, performance technicalities, tuning on PE standalone systems, manifold design, common errors and how to walk around them.


Aim of the workshop


Overview the right methods to tune KTM engines with standalone ECU’s and reduce the cost of engine calibration overhead for Formula Supra/Formula Bharath team.


Summary of workshop topics


Session 1

  •          Engine selection - Duke 390 vs CBR600
  1.        Power and torque curves
  2.        Track layout and requirements
  •          Understanding Duke 390 stock performance curves
  1.        Duke on the dyno
  •          Intake manifold design
  1.        Restrictor design
  2.        Intake manifold runner length and volumes


Session 2

  •          Stand-alone ECU options
  1.        Power Electronics
  •          PE’s walkthrough, features
  •          Dyno graphs of vehicles with duke engines and practical tuning difficulties
  •          Commonly occurring problems and how to work around them
  •          Open house discussion



Why should you attend KTM Tuning workshop?

  • To tune the competition vehicles
  • To understand the right approach and engine parameters
  • To avoid mistakes and not repeat mistakes
  • To find right resources to help you


Who can attend?

  • Formula Supra/Formula Bharath teams
  • Auto Enthusiasts
  • Students


Working professionals from automotive servicing, engine calibration, testing, and development.


1 Day

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KTM Engine Tuning


Starts @ 1500

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