Automotive Design Internship - Plastic Design



     This internship will be the gateway for you to start a dream career in the design sector. You will be trained & involved with industry experts who have worked at Mercedes Benz, Lotus, Renault & Honda to learn and undergo on-job industry projects.  


Over the span of 4 weeks, you will gain the expertise to design plastic components, build an injection moulding tool for manufacturing, create engineering drawings with GD&T and stack-up analysis, visit industries to get a crystal clarity of the scope of your job and perform real-time projects to industry standards.



Week-wise details 


Week 1


The objective of week 1 is to provide the solid foundation on lifecycle such as; engineering design, simulation, manufacturing, testing, quality, tools used, skills sets required by engineers, industries involved in the relevant sectors will be demonstrated with live hands-on practical’s. 


Automotive Subsystems


  1. Exterior & interior plastics
  2. Seating Systems engineering & Automotive BIW
  3. Powertrain systems
  4. Automotive Electronics & Electricals



Week 2


The objective of week 2 is to train interns on plastic part design. Interns will gain expertise to model parts in CAD software with the right industry approach.


 Automotive Plastic Design


  1. Design consideration of plastic parts
  2. Tooling consideration of plastic parts
  3. Approach to component design in CAD software
  4. Practice plastic features such as ribs, bosses, gussets, snap, dog house & clips
  5. Practice Class B & Class C modeling for part creation



Week 3


 The objective of week 3 is to train interns on mould tool design.


Plastic Injection Moulding Tool Design


  1. Overview of plastic manufacturing
  2. Design consideration of plastic tooling
  3. The design practice of a 2 plate mould
  4. Design practice for more moulds with complex geometries



Week 4


Industry standard practices


  1. Engineering drawing practice with standard practices
  2. Geometrical Dimension & Tolerancing
  3. Stack-up analysis for assembly design
  4. Real-time project case studies for GD&T & Stack-up practice
  5. Industry visit


4 Week

Start Date

End Date

Mech. Dept. JIT, DVG

Design Sector


Starts @ 1000

CF Certificate

Last Date


+91 74110 19255


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