Internship on EV Design & Auto electronics, MCE Hassan


Internship on Electric Vehicle Design & Auto electronics, MCE Hassan is an opportunity for you to gain the domain skills which matter on your resume for your career in Electric Vehicle domains. Each training module is created in collaboration with an industry panel, for the skills sets needed to an entry-level engineer (freshers) to begin a career in EV domain.


By the end of this internship, you will have a detailed understanding of the EV systems, engineering, standards, design & manufacturing a type approval vehicle than just DIY things & you will pain the potential network with industry partners for your career.



Your learning activities at the internship


Week 1 


  • Getting hands-on with design software
  • Practicing to create models 
  • Understanding the industry approach to design components
  • Design EV components with assigned projects 
  • Approach to create simple drawings 


Week 2 & 3 


  • EV subsystems in depth (hands-on)
  • Understanding the overview of Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Mahindra E2O and Ather bikes
  • Motor Controller, BMS, Charger selection & configuration
  • Disassembly of electric bikes
  • Hands-on with subsystems
  • The calculation for motor & battery sizing (Vehicle dynamics)
  • Selection of battery for traction application 
  • Selection of traction motor
  • Building a battery pack with 13S & 3P configuration
  • Building electric bike wiring harness for 12V systems
  • Creating an electric bike wiring harness for 48V systems
  • Assembly of Electric bike 
  • Running the electric bike and testing



Traction batteries

  • Lithium-based chemistry for traction needs
  • Battery characterization & the detailed behaviors
  • Ensuring the Li cell safety
  • Selection parameters


Battery Management Systems

  • Need for BMS implementation
  • Activities carried by BMS
  • A hands-on session to build BMS circuit
  • 13S 3P BMS configuration, data acquisition & performance understanding
  • Selection parameters


Charging systems

  • Selection parameters
  • Safety in place
  • Standards for charging & driven by regulations


Foundation to Automotive electronics

  • Body control system
  • Energy management system
  • Traction control system
  • ABS system
  • EMS system
  • HVAC control modules
  • Body electronics 



3 +1 Week

Start Date

End Date

Malnad College of Engineering

E Mobility


Starts @ 1000

CF Certificate

Last Date

Limited to 45

+91 74110 19255


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