Skill Development

We have been imparting top notch workshops, mentoring sessions for professionals, students who are aspiring to build better tomorrow. We offer truly rewarding learning opportunities comprising an all-round curriculum which includes theoretical, practical, domain specific & application based skill and knowledge developments.

Learning is never ending experience. And experience is what makes learning better. Our eminent resource persons with their incomparable experience, make participants have learnable ambience with industry standards. Most of our workshops revolve around having hands on experience or on the job experience.


Competences Factory conducts several events tailored to have best learning experience.

Tech Talk

Tech talks are one to two days program conducted to provide the overview of specific topics/subjects. We invite eminent speakers with specialized skillsets to have enlightening experience for participants. Objective is to educate & expose participants at their early stage of career or gear them up into advanced courses in specific domain.


Workshops are 3-7 days programs conducted at a chosen campus. Adept syllabus of this event lets participants involve in deep discussion with speakers. Workshops are open for limited participants to ensure that they acquire domain specific skills very attentively. Workshops are structured to provide detailed & hands on experience and fill the core competences.


Internships are advanced courses offered by Competences Factory and/or industry partners. These programs help participant to acquire experience through practice, on-the-job work/training. Curriculum is created in correlation to industry standards/executed as per corporate demands, letting participants either to be part of training or project execution.

Center of Excellence

CoE is a complex program execution, focused on specific subject/domain. Its a shared facility that facilitates competency, capability, learning, best practices, lessions etc. CoE is a joint program execution in association with academic instituions and/or corporates.

Competences Factory conducts several tailor-made events as per industry demands or as per needs of students from unversities/institutions. Competences Factory co-curates semester long teaching sessions as per academic demands. With abundant industry experience, our team supports to setup new ventures/line of business.

Consulting Services

A new wave of transformation brings possibilities which are beyond imagination. And these new possibilities come with several challenges. Our expertise help you to realize your potential. We are early adaptors and think beyond challenges that you come across.

Our team shows deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective towards solutions. With Competences Factory, you tend to relay on our expertise which we define by our experience. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

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